Are Granny Panties Really Dead?

Are Granny Panties Really Dead?

Granny Panties

The granny panty is a classic style of women’s underpants that’s high-waisted and provides full coverage around your front, sides, and back. It got its infamous name because of its popularity in the 1950’s during our grandmother’s era. It’s since fallen out of fashion because of the low rise trend in the 90’s. 

Love it or hate it, two things are undeniable about the granny panties: it’s extremely comfortable, and very practical.

Here at Waistlab, we’ve reinvented the traditional granny panty. We’ve fused this comfort and practicality, and transformed the granny panty into tummy-flattening shapewear that flatters your figure. 

Say hello to Waistlab’s newest underwear shapewear line—the Not Granny’s Briefs (NGB). 

Waistlab's Not Granny Briefs (NGB)

5 reasons why NGB slays any other granny panty

5 benefits of wearing Waistlab's Not Granny Briefs (NGB) shapewear


Waistlab's Not Granny Briefs (NGB) compression power and fabric thickness

The NGB has the lightest compression strength of 2 out of 5. Now, compare that to our waist trainers and our Tummy, Booty, Thigh Shaper Shorts (TBTSS) that have a compression strength of 5 and 3 respectively. 

As our lightest shapewear, the NGB is ideal for daily wear!

A new era of granny panties

The granny panty style is far from dead. While it’s fun to try out different styles of underwear, sometimes it’s best to go back to basics. 

Waistlab's Not Granny Briefs (NGB)

A classic style like the granny panty will never die. But we’ve managed to upgrade it into shapewear that shapes and cinches you. Don’t be surprised if your own granny wants in on this new undies!

View the NGB here.