Goodbye To The Old Waistlab

Goodbye To The Old Waistlab

Hello to our gorgeous #WomenOfWaistlab! It’s Alif here, the founder of Waistlab.

I hope that everyone is healthy and happy! 

I’m extremely excited to announce to all of you that Waistlab will be having a new look

A lot of you don’t know this but the current Waistlab logo was designed by me during my student days in polytechnic when Waistlab was still in its infancy. It took me a grand total of 5 minutes to design it 🤣. Mind you, I’m not a design student!  

But finally after 2 years, we’re going to have a new logo and new colours! 

It’s Time For A Makeover 

As much as we love our old look, we feel that we’ve outgrown it. 2020 is a year of change for Waistlab — starting with a makeover. Anyway, who doesn’t love a makeover?! 

The wonderful similarity between our #WomenOfWaistlab (WOW) and the Waistlab Team is that we’re spunky and passionate. However, we feel that the old logo doesn’t really reflect this. It doesn’t represent our WOWs’ personality, perhaps because it was designed solely by me during a time when you and I were still strangers.   

It’s so important to blend our personalities into a new branding that represents both our WOWs and the Waistlab Team. Finally, we’ve built this long overdue bridge between us.

Presenting To You...Our New Waistlab Logo! 🎉


Here’s the best part — all waist trainers purchased from this month onwards will now come with this chic, new label! So don’t be surprised if the waist trainer you just bought comes with this new label. It’s still the same Waistlab but with a new look. 

On that note, we’d also like to assure our WOWs that the quality of our waist trainers with the new label is the same. In other words, there’s no change in the product quality.

This new look is just one of the changes happening in Waistlab.

So what other changes are ahead? 

Well, you’ll just have to keep an eye out for the next update from me! 

In the meantime, happy waist training and stay safe everyone!