You read that right, it's UP TO 70% OFF NOW!! Get your first or next waist trainer for $30 ONLY! 

No. Gimmicks. At. All. 

We’ll be having a Black Friday Sample Sale from 29th Nov – 1st Dec (Friday to Sunday) from 10AM – 8PM. It’ll only be available at our showroom. We'll provide a map with instructions in case you get lost coming here! 

It is also going to be ONLINE, but some of the prices will have a difference of $10. The online sale will start NOW from 27th Nov – 1st Dec (Wednesday to Sunday) from MIDNIGHT, so fastest fingers first! 

You might be wondering why we are calling it a Sample Sale. As we order our waist trainers in bulk, there's bound to have waist trainers with less-than-flawless labels that are still perfect to wear for your everyday wear. 

If you saw our previous post, we had all the prices up. The team sat down and we further discussed the discount and realised, "Why not go crazier?" 

You will NOT believe it. 

Yeah, our Classic Nude and Active Premium are going for ONLY $30. We don't want you to miss this out. This is the BIGGEST discount we have ever given.

Not excited yet? 

We are also having EXCLUSIVE Waistlab bags that you can grab if you buy 2 or more waist trainers!  

Please excuse the blurriness of the photos, we are just so excited to share it with you. Look how beautiful it is! 

Not only that, here's the FIRST LOOK to our very first changing room!! We hear you ladies who have been wanting more privacy in our showroom and made sure that this will available for this weekend. 

And finally, here's the FULL PRICE LIST for all of our waist trainers! Do note that not all waist trainers will have the same price for offline and online sale: 

Of course, not forgetting our EXCLUSIVE short Classic Pink that is only available online. 

And here's where it gets really exciting! There will be a 9" Taupe Black waist trainer as well, that is available to pre-order only if you come down to our showroom!

Yes, a SHORT Taupe waist trainer!! 

We hope to see you at our showroom on the 29th Nov - 1st Dec!