Taupe 9 Vest Waist Trainer
Taupe 9 Vest Waist Trainer
Taupe 9 Vest Waist Trainer
Taupe 9 Vest Waist Trainer
Taupe 9 Vest Waist Trainer

Taupe 9 Vest Waist Trainer

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Compression Power




Fabric Thickness



Don’t worry, our waist trainer vest is not as rigid and restricting as a straight-up corset. Its 9-inch length gives your midsection the space it needs for total flexibility. And thanks to its wings that fully cover your upper back fat, you won’t have to worry about anyone seeing any unsightly bulges through your clothes. With its three-layered fabric, this waist trainer will actually stimulate thermogenesis (a process by which body heat production is stimulated), making it easier for you to lose weight over time!

Product features:

  • 9” length
  • Fully adjustable straps (non-removable)
  • Wings made of spandex with cotton lining 
  • Unique 3-layered fabric to stimulate thermogenesis 
  • Outer fabric: Latex. Inner lining: 100% cotton
  • Sewn-on metallic hook and eye closure
  • 9 lightly steel-boned body

Disclaimer: This is not an orthopedic product.

    Chantal's (cover model) waist size is 28.5" and height 160cm, wearing size S.

    Bianca's waist size is 33" and height 167cm, wearing size L.

    Size Your waist size:
    Inches "
    Your waist size:
    Centimetres CM
    2XS 21-23 53-59
    XS 24-26 60-66
    S 27-29 67-75
    M 30-32 76-82
    L 32-34 83-87
    XL 34-35 88-91
    2XL 36-37 92-96
    3XL 38-39 97-101
    4XL 40-43 102-108
    5XL 43-45  109-113
    6XL 45-47 114-120


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    Hides Upper Back Fat

    The Taupe is the only waist trainer with wings to fully cover your back. Finally, no more splurging upper back fat.

    360° Fat Burn

    100% midsection coverage means you’ll feel a 360° sauna-like effect all around you. Highly recommended for those seeking to lose weight.

    Confidence Booster

    With your waist snatched and back fats firmly kept hidden, you’re ready to strut out! No more second guessing yourself.