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From 100kg to 59kg 💪

While COVID-19 may be a relatively new pandemic to us all, obesity is a pandemic that is well recognised and common in today’s modern era. It’s likely that you know someone who might be obese.

But what if this person was someone you love and care for dearly? 

Obesity can have a devastating consequence on you and the people around you, both physically and emotionally. In today’s post, Lina will share her heart wrenching and cautionary tale about her fight against obesity. 

Say Hello to Lina

Meet Lina! She is a mother of four in her mid-thirties, who works as an assistant centre manager. 

At her heaviest, Lina weighed 100kg. 

As important as it is to love and accept yourself, Lina knew instinctively that she could not continue living life like this. One particularly painful experience in her life opened her eyes to the harsh reality of obesity. 

A Mother’s Fear

The turning point in Lina’s life came when her mother was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer. 

In case you didn’t know, lymphoma cancer is “when the body’s immune system cells start to multiply uncontrollably and do not die.” 

To make matters worse, her mother was overweight. This led to further health complications like gout which made it difficult for her mother to walk. 

Witnessing her mother’s suffering brought a lot of pain to Lina’s heart. As a mother herself, Lina feared the day that this would happen to her too if she didn’t make a change to her lifestyle. She could not bear the thought of her children watching her endure the same ordeal her own mother went through. 

This painful experience left a deep impression on Lina. She decided she had to make a change before it was too late.

An All Rounded Weight-Loss Strategy

Initially, Lina was clueless about how to lose weight. With so many different methods, strategies, and diets available, it’s easy for one to be completely overwhelmed with information! 

Nevertheless, Lina went out of her comfort zone. She took the initiative to research weight loss strategies before putting it into practice. 

Eventually, she came up with her own all-rounded weight loss strategy:

  • She monitored her calorie intake daily with an app, and tracked her weight loss progress on a graph 📉
  • She practices intermittent fasting 🚫🍚
  • She exercises daily by brisk walking 👟
  • She waist trains daily to help curb her appetite 

Lina ultimately attributes her successful weight loss strategy to two things: 1) improving her food portion control through waist training; and 2) intermittent fasting. 

We love a proactive and disciplined #WOW who takes charge of her life 🙌

Lina’s Weight Loss Progress

Here are the results of Lina’s weight loss journey which she diligently tracked:

  • December 2018: 82kg 
  • October 2019: 65.3kg ⬇
  • March 2020: 59.8kg ⬇

“Losing weight is not a fast process. You need to remind yourself everyday that you can be beautiful, inside and out”

Taking self-care seriously can have a powerful impact on your life, as Lina has demonstrated. It might be a slow journey but the sense of fulfilment far outweighs the time it takes to achieve it.

The Waistlab Team has nothing but utmost pride for you, Lina! We will continue supporting you all the way 💖

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