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5 Trouble Zones And How To Target Them

5 Trouble Zones And How To Target Them

It’s natural for our bodies to undergo changes as we age, and especially after giving birth. 

But even though it’s natural, these changes can be quite frustrating and even lower our self-esteem! 

In this post, we zoom in on five common trouble zones on our bodies that we struggle to get rid of.

More importantly, we recommend what’s the best shapewear from our collection to target these trouble zones so you can reclaim your confidence and never feel insecure about your body again!

5 trouble zones

Trouble Zone: Hanging belly 

What causes a hanging belly?

Hanging belly

Hanging belly (also known as ‘apron belly’ and ‘mother’s apron’) is caused by two factors: weight gain or pregnancy. When either of this happens, fats at your belly area will expand and accumulate in the omentum —an apron-like flap in front of your intestines and under your abdominal muscles. 

Recommended products to target hanging belly

  • Classic 11 and Taupe 11 - These 11.5” waist trainers provide full tummy coverage so nothing hangs out. Recommended for postpartum mommies!
  • Not Granny’s Briefs - Underwear that flattens your flattens belly and shapes you up? You best believe it! Plus, its brief-cut guarantees comfort. 

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Trouble Zone: Love handles 

What causes love handles?

Muffin top

If you wear tight pants and find that the fats at your hips 'spill' out, then you have love handles. They're caused by accumulated fat deposits at your hips and abdomen, and becomes more pronounced as we age.  

Recommended products to target love handles

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Trouble Zone: Expanding Waistline  

What causes an expanding waistline?

Expanding waistline

As we’ve written in a previous blog post, it’s determined by 3 factors: the amount of calories you consume, the amount of calories burned, and your age. 

It’s natural for our waistlines to expand as we age, but sometimes it can get really frustrating. It might even destroy our confidence!  

Recommended products to target an expanding waistline

  • Classic 9 - All our waist trainers can target your expanding waistline, but you can’t go wrong with our bestselling Classic 9. This 9” waist trainer is shorter and offers better mobility, especially for those with shorter torsos. 
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Trouble Zone: Back fats

Back fats

What causes back fats? 

Similar to why your waistline expands, back fats are caused by too many calories consumed, ageing, and even poor posture. This makes your back wrinkle, bunch up, and bulge. 

Recommended products to target back fats

  • Taupe 9 and Taupe 11 - They’re the only waist trainers that cover your upper back. 
  • Super Sculpting Full Body Suit - This is the only shapewear in our #WaistlabWear collection provides full body coverage, including your upper back. 
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Trouble Zone: Thunder Thighs 

What causes thunder thighs?

Thunder thighsWhen women gain weight, it tends to accumulate at your thighs, hips, and butt. It’s nice and sexy to be thick, but it’s uncomfortable when your thighs constantly rub against each other which can cause chafing.

Recommended products to target thunder thighs 

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