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4 Waist Trainer Myths You Should Be Skeptical Of

4 Waist Trainer Myths You Should Be Skeptical Of

To the misinformed, waist trainers seem more like a torture device. They supposedly squeeze and shift your internal organs and you might even pass out from suffocation. 


Yikes. So why on earth do women continue to use it?


In today’s post, we will list the common misconceptions about waist training and why they’re overblown.  

1) Instant weight loss


The myth: Waist trainers are like the magic wand of fat burners: Wrap it around you and its compression will instantly burn inches off your waistline. 


The reality: Just as magic wands don’t exist, an instant fat burning waist trainer doesn’t either. 


Your weight might drop in the first couple of days of waist training but this is likely due to loss of fluids from increased perspiration. Not fat burn.


Bonus tip: Waist training can help to amplify fat burn only if it’s combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet! This is exactly what Nissa, one of our #WomenOfWaistlab, did.


See how Nissa lost 7kg in 2 months!


 2) Shifts your internal organs

Source: Effects of the corset on the female body


The myth: Waist trainers force your intestines, liver, and kidneys into unnatural positions. This can lead to organ damage, organ failure, and even rib fractures. Ouch.


The reality: Don’t confuse waist trainers with corsets! Unlike corsets, waist trainers exert less pressure on your body so they’re not likely to shift or damage your internal organs.


Compression to the abdominal area is not necessarily equated to compression of the intestines themselves,” says Tarek Hassanein, MD and founder of the Southern California Liver & GI Center.


He adds: “The abdominal muscles are there to protect the stomach, intestines, and other organs so when you have anything compressing like that, your muscles will take the force, protecting your intestines from any pressure.

3) Restricts your movement and breathing

The myth: Waist trainers are extremely tight and rigid. You won’t be able to move around freely and you’ll literally feel suffocated.


The reality: Unless you’re an acrobat or a gymnast, waist trainers don’t really limit your movement or breathing. Many of our #WomenOfWaistlab run, jog and cycle in their waist trainers!



So if you find it hard to move or breathe, it’s most probably because you got a little too excited and bought a waist trainer that’s too tight.


Bonus tip: Before buying a waist trainer, whip out your measuring tape and measure your waist and hips. Then check out our size chart to determine your waist trainer size!


Click here to see how to measure your waist and buy the right waist trainer size.


Also, if you really want to do cardio in your waist trainer, try unbuckling a few hooks or buckle the outer row of hooks instead for more breathing room.

4) Weakens your abdominal muscles

The myth: Constantly wearing a waist trainer weakens your core abdominal muscles.


The reality: Well…there is some truth to this. Instead of strengthening your core, waist trainers do the opposite when you’re overdependent on them.


If worn too much, the core muscles will start to depend on the stability and support of the waist trainer,” says Jaclyn Fulop, a board-licensed physical therapist and founder of Exchange Physical Therapy Group.


Bonus tip: Waist trainers are especially useful if you’re attempting to lift heavier weights for your squats or deadlifts at the gym. As you get accustomed to the heavier weight, try to lift it again but without your waist trainer on.



If you’re just wearing it for everyday use, you’re strongly encouraged to do more core exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles.

Try It To Believe It 

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