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Confessions Of A First Time Waist Trainer User

Confessions Of A First Time Waist Trainer User

Christine is completely new to waist trainers. In fact, she's never even heard of waist trainers before! But all that changed when she saw our advertisement and bought a waist trainer for herself. 

She's only three weeks into waist training but she's already a believer! Let's hear what she has to say. 


Conversations With Christine

Question: Hi Christine! Perhaps we could start off with a short introduction of yourself.

Christine: Sure! My name is Christine and I’m in my early thirties. I'm a freelance piano teacher.


Question: How is your waist training experience so far?

Christine: Up till today, it’s been about 2 weeks plus. I feel more aware of my back. Maintaining the right posture helps minimize my backaches a lot! And I feel slightly more confident too.

I will wear the trainer with me throughout the whole day till I’m home in the night. For the first 3 days, I only wore it for 4 to 5 hours. Subsequently, I wore it throughout even during mealtimes. No discomfort at all.

One more thing to mention is the bone structure of the trainer is well designed. When I wear it, it doesn’t feel pokey towards my skin.


Question: How did you discover about waist training?

Christine: Since circuit breaker started, I decided to restart my fitness journey. I was searching online for products to tighten my tummy area. So an Instagram advertisement popped up and it was Waistlab. I decided to do more homework and learn more about the product. After reading the reviews and thinking about it for weeks, I decided to give it a try.


Question: Prior to seeing the ad, did you know anything about waist trainers or waist training?

Christine: Actually I don’t really know or hear anything about waist training before. From Instagram, I remember that singer Tay Kewei shared something about wearing inner wear. I wanted very much to shape up my tummy area so I can feel more confident when wearing clothes. If not, I feel very bloated looking 🤣.


Question: What is your first impression of waist trainers?

Christine: When I held it the first time, I was surprised there’s a weight in this product! And it feels like it can last a long time! Other than the smell, it’s bearable though.

I like how it makes your whole posture build up and strengthens your back! The only sad thing which I feel is that it gets really hot when I’m not in an aircon room. And I can sweat quite a bit. I feel I might need to wash it once a few days (instead of 2 weeks) so that’s my general impression.

Caring For Your Waist Trainer

If you're completely new to waist trainers like Christine is, you might have realised the smell of your waist trainer too. Our waist trainers are made of latex so that's just its natural smell! Personally, we'd rather it smell like roses or freshly washed sheets. 

When it comes to perspiration, some of us perspire more than others. If you perspire more, it's recommended for you to wash your waist trainer once every few days like Christine does. Unless you're okay with wearing your sweaty waist trainer repeatedly. (We hope not!) 

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