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Don’t Do These 3 Things With Your Waist Trainer (They’ll Last Longer!)

Don’t Do These 3 Things With Your Waist Trainer (They’ll Last Longer!)

Waistlab’s waist trainers have 9 steel bones inside them to support your body in an upright position. But don’t let these steel bones damage your delicate waist trainer! 

Steel bones inside Waistlab's waist trainers

Even though our waist trainers’ three-layered fabric system is strong and tough, it can still be damaged if you’re not careful. The easiest way to avoid damaging it is by making sure the steel bones aren’t bent.

So don’t do the following 3 actions and the steel bones won’t damage your waist trainer. Trust us—your waist trainers will definitely last way longer than you expect!

Why are steel bones important in the first place?

The 9 steel bones are the backbone of your waist trainer (pun intended). 

Without these steel bones, your waist trainer can’t support your body in an upright position as strongly as it should.

The steel bones also increase your waist trainer's compression strength. So yes, they're an important part of your waist trainer!

Now that we have a better understanding of the steel bones’ importance, let’s get back to those 3 actions we should avoid doing with our waist trainers.

1) Abs exercises 

Don't do abs exercises in Waistlab's waist trainer

Don't perform sit ups, crunches or any variations of those exercises in your waist trainer. 

Instead, remove it before you perform any ab-related exercise. 

2) Excessive bending

Let’s say you need to pick up something heavy, whether at home or at work. 

Wearing a waist trainer is supposed to help support and maintain good, upright posture while you lift heavy objects. This is the correct way of doing it while maintaining a good posture: 

Maintain good back posture with Waistlab's waist trainer

Avoid bad posture like this as it bends the waist trainer's steel bones: 

Avoid bending excessively in Waistlab's waist trainer

3) Wringing it when you wash it 

Just as how certain delicate fabrics shouldn’t be wrung, you shouldn’t wring your waist trainers either when you wash it. This might twist the steel bones which can damage your waist trainer. 

Learn the correct way to wash your waist trainer here!

Instead of wringing it, gently squeeze the water out of the waist trainer. Then, let it hang somewhere out of direct sunlight to dry. 

How to correctly wash your Waistlab waist trainer

Make Your Waist Trainers Last Longer  

So remember not to do the following 3 actions as they might damage the steel bones in your waist trainer:

  1. Abs exercises 
  2. Excessive bending 
  3. Wringing it when you wash it

If you still have a question about waist trainers, you can send us a DM (Direct Message) on Instagram ( or email us at 

Happy waist training!

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