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Chronic Back Pain In Your 20’s? This Is How Faith Managed It

Chronic Back Pain In Your 20’s? This Is How Faith Managed It


I’m sure all of us have experienced back pain at some point in our lives, either due to poor posture or an injury. 

Some of us might not be so lucky to have the pain disappear in a few days though. Instead, it becomes a prolonged and chronic pain, making simple daily activities a living nightmare. 

Chronic back pain isn’t something that is exclusive to the elderly. Just ask Faith — she’s the fifth #WomanOfWaistlab we’re featuring in our month-long celebration of International Women’s Day. She may be in her early twenties only but she already experiences chronic back pain! 

Say Hello To Faith

Faith is a psychology student in her early twenties. 

She is wearing her Active Premium on the 2nd hook here! 

She also used to be a ballet dancer!

Chronic Back Pain Since Teenhood

Believe it or not, Faith has been experiencing chronic back pain since she was a teenager.

The cause? 

She has a petite frame but an oversized bust. This results in pain in her lower back region. 

“It feels like a sharp pain and radiating soreness.”

This lower back pain poses a serious challenge to many of her simple daily activities that we take for granted. 

Right before she started waist training! 

For instance, she faces great difficulty in bending down. Because of this, it’s difficult for her to pick things up from the ground. She also finds it difficult to bend down and play with her nephews. 

Perhaps what’s even sadder is that she had to give ballet dancing up because of this. 

Although she has been to the doctor to seek medical advice, there was little that the doctor could do about it. 

Straightening Things Out With Waist Trainers

Faith discovered Waistlab on Instagram in 2019. 

She’s been waist training for about a year now. What she’s most happy about is she’s able to go about her daily activities normally again without much pain and discomfort from the back pain anymore. 

While she may not be ‘cured’ of her back pain (let us know if you do find a cure because the Waistlab Team could sure use one), waist trainers have definitely helped to alleviate much of her pain. 

Here are some of her milestones and waist training routine: 

✅ She uses the Active Premium and is on her last row of hooks (Note: Although Active Premium isn't available, you can try an Active Classic instead!)
✅ She shrank 2 sizes from a size XL to a size M
✅ She’s lost 3 inches off her waistline, from 37 inches to 34 inches
✅ She wears her waist trainers for about 3 to 6 hours each day 

We’re proud of you for not letting lower back pain stop you from living your life, Faith 🙌

Gaining Confidence To Lift Heavier Weights 

Now, you might think that Faith is crazy for choosing to workout despite her back pain. However, she is passionate about health and getting in shape because of her early experience doing ballet dancing. 

She works out about 3 to 4 times a week either at the gym or at home. She mostly focuses on doing lifting, cardio and flexibility training like aerial gymnastics.

With her waist trainer, she can now confidently deadlift much heavier weights than before. She used to only be able to lift 30kg; however, she’s now able to lift up to 85kg! That’s insane 😱 

“I feel really proud of myself! I’m also feeling way better about my body.”

Faith Is Ready To Take On The World 

Being able to go about her daily activities as per normal again and achieving new standards at the gym has got Faith feeling like a superhero! 

“My waist is snatched, hunny. I’m putting on my cutest bodycon dress and highest heels, and I’m ready to take on the world!”

We are LIVING for this confidence! Now, that’s a #WomanOfWaistlab 💃 

But, of course, one of the biggest supporters in Faith’s waist training journey whom she attributes her success to is her loving and caring boyfriend. He regularly checks on her to make sure that her waist training journey is smooth and comfortable. 

“He’s surprised to find my waist extra curvy now, even without the waist trainer on!”

She was on her first hook on her Active Premium here! 

Looks like we’re going to need a #BoyfriendsOfWaistlab hashtag soon 😂

Stop Living With Back Pain NOW!

Yes, you can stop the nightmare like how Faith did! While there may not be a cure for back pain, you can definitely take steps to alleviate your back pain. 

Consult your doctor to get professional medical advice about the measures you can take to relieve your back pain, and ask him/her if you’re medically fit to wear a waist trainer. 

Do remember that waist trainers are NOT a medical replacement or substitute for orthopedic devices recommended by your doctor. 


We hope you've enjoyed reading her story! Please check out the six other transformation stories of our #WomenOfWaistlab that we featured this month for International Women's Day below:



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