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From 3XL To L in 6 Months: Here's Her Surprising Secret!

From 3XL To L in 6 Months: Here's Her Surprising Secret!

Fah is a 25-year-old nurse and is the eldest in her family.

Since her childhood years, she’s always been teased about her size and weight. She even resorted to wearing a waist trainer from another brand in her secondary school days, but stopped because it hurt her waist. 

Fah in September 2020.
Fah in September 2020. 

“My siblings are all pretty small sized. I’ve always been the bigger one in my family so I got teased by them and my friends for being big or fat,” she says. 

It doesn’t help either that food is like her “best friend” comforting her when she’s stressed or bored.

And to make matters worse, she was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (POS) which makes it even harder for one to lose weight. 

Alarm bells, not wedding bells  

Fah got married in February 2021. Prior to that, just like any other woman, she dreamt of looking her best on her wedding day and fitting perfectly into her wedding dress.

But the increasing numbers on the weighing scale and her struggle to fit into her clothes set alarm bells ringing instead of wedding bells. 

“The hardest challenge for me in my life was losing weight, especially at my waist. I only had a few months to get to the size that I wanted,” she shares.

Waist training with a sauna suit?!

She started exercising regularly in August 2020. She did cardio exercises like running at East Coast Park and doing high intensity interval training (HIIT).

Shortly after that, she progressed to signing a gym membership in September “to not only lose fats but gain muscle as well”. 

  • She exercised 6 times a week for at least 1 to 2 hours in the gym. 
  • She started with a 45 minute cardio session before doing her weight lifting exercises. 
  • She used a mobile app to track and manage her daily calorie intake.

On top of that, she works out with Waistlab’s waist trainer on. But here's the surprise—she pairs this with a sauna suit to perspire more and burn more calories!

 Fah and her husband wearing their sauna suits!

Fah and her husband wearing their sauna suits!

Initially, she bought a size 3XL waist trainer in September. When she was ready to downsize, she took a leap of faith and bought a size XL instead of a 2XL. 

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When asked why she took that risk, she credits her husband’s support:

“Before I got it, I actually asked my husband if I should get the 2XL or XL. His reply was: “You know you can make it to XL. So just grab the XL and train harder to achieve the waist and body that you want.” 

Sometimes, you just need someone to help boost your confidence so you can tell yourself that you can do it!” 

Fah on the last row of hooks in her size XL waist trainer in January 2021.
Fah on the last row of hooks in her size XL waist trainer in January 2021. 

Even though she couldn’t even secure the first row of hooks on her XL waist trainer at first, she persevered and managed to successfully do it after one week! 

From 3XL to L

 Fah size L February 2021

Fah downsized from an XL waist trainer to a L waist trainer in February 2021, just in time for her wedding day. Congratulations to you! 

“Waist training has helped me a lot with not only losing weight or achieving my waist line, but helping me curb my appetite and relieving my back pain. So it’s like all in one!”

Fah in her size L waist trainer, on her first row of hooks.
Fah in her size L waist trainer, on her first row of hooks.

She credits her successful weight loss journey to her family, friends, and her husband who have been extremely supportive of her and keeping her motivated. 

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Fah has taken a pause on waist training ever since she found out she was pregnant! So congratulations to Fah on her pregnancy, and for sharing her story with all of us ❤️

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