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Her Belly Button Popped Out!

Her Belly Button Popped Out!

If you’ve been pregnant before, you might have experienced this change to your body where your belly button pops out. 

It happens more often than you think and it’s relatively harmless. But sometimes it could be an indication of umbilical hernia. 

Shalini's* Pregnancy 

She’s a 30-year-old #WomenOfWaistlab who works in public service. (*Due to the sensitive nature of her job, we’ve blurred her face and used a pseudonym.

As a mother of two, she’s no stranger to pregnancy and the changes to your body that comes with it. 

However, something curious happened during her second pregnancy in March 2019—she noticed that her belly button popped out. 

Pregnancy pop out belly button

Even after giving birth in December 2019, her belly button still popped out and refused to go back to normal. 

Although it wasn’t painful, it did cause discomfort and made Shalini “feel insecure” about herself. 

Why Do Belly Buttons Pop Out During Pregnancy 

So why do belly buttons pop out during pregnancy in the first place?

Here’s the answer from the experts from Healthline Parenthood:

Women usually notice the changes in their navel around the second trimester of pregnancy. As your uterus continues to expand, it pushes your abdomen forward. Eventually, your belly button pops out due to your growing abdomen.

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Is It Something to Worry About?

Not at all! Usually it’s harmless and will return to normal a few months after delivery. 

If it does cause pain, however, then you should check with your doctor about it because it could be a sign of umbilical hernia

The Unexpected Fix to Pregnancy Belly Buttons

Luckily for Shalini, it didn’t cause any pain but it made her feel "insecure". 

After seeing her friend post about Waistlab’s waist trainers on her Instagram page, she decided to give it a try and bought herself a Classic 11. 

Shalini in Waistlab's Classic 11 Waist Trainer

Miraculously, her belly button returned to its original position in just 1 week after she started waist training. 

View the Classic 11 Waist Trainer Here

We’re so happy to hear that, Shalini! We never expected that our waist trainers could help pregnancy belly buttons return to normal but now we know it does! 

Getting Pre-pregnancy Body Back

Besides that, her ultimate waist training goal is to get back her pre-pregnancy body. 

I wear the waist trainer for about 22 hours. I even wear it to sleep!” 

While we don’t recommend you wear it for more than 12 hours a day or wear it to sleep, our bodies are unique and react differently to the waist trainers. 

What’s most important is to listen to your body and don’t force yourself to waist train more than you can. 

A Cure For Belly Buttons Popping Out?

It’s not 100% proven that waist trainers can definitely fix pregnancy belly buttons, but it’s worth a shot especially if your belly button is still popping out even after months of post-delivery. 

And even if your belly button is normal, waist trainers can help to get your pre-pregnancy body back. Read the blog posts below to find out how!

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