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She Waist Trained For 4 Months & Was SHOCKED

She Waist Trained For 4 Months & Was SHOCKED

Losing weight and achieving your own personal body goal is no easy feat. Okay so this isn’t exactly groundbreaking news as I’m sure many of us are familiar with this struggle. 

Here’s the good news — wearing a waist trainer can help make it easier for you to achieve those goals. Yes, a waist trainer! 

Waist training has been gaining traction over the years, thanks to its popularization by celebrities like the Kardashians. No doubt, it does give you an instantly sexier and curvier silhouette. 

We personally know someone who has lost weight and inches off her waistline through waist training! She’s one of our #WomanOfWaistlab who amazes us with her determination and consistency in waist training.

Meet Our #WomanOfWaistlab: Nicole

Just ask Nicole. She’s one of our #WomenOfWaistlab who understands the struggle that is consistent waist training. Waist training regularly isn’t easy but the benefits of diligently doing it are astounding!  

The 24-year-old early childhood interventionist started waist training in October 2019. As of February 2020, she’s lost an incredible 10cm off her waistline and shed 5kg off. Way to go, Nicole! 

But, of course, her weight loss journey was not easy.

1. Unfit And Easily Tired

Prior to waist training, Nicole was at a low point of her life. 

“I didn’t like how physically big I was getting and I was so unfit and easily tired.” 

Instead of letting the negativity consume her, she decided to sign up for a membership at Fitness First. It was then that she was introduced to fitness classes like body combat and body pump. The latter is a barbell workout class that uses light to moderate weight with lots of repetition to give you a total body workout. 

In addition to that, she also goes for jump classes and dance cardio as well.

“I exercise to destress and I always have my waist trainer on.”

We hear you, Nicole! Those sound like pretty intense workouts that will leave you sweating buckets. Nevertheless, she remains persistent in wearing her waist trainer throughout her workouts and the results are showing!

Sometimes, she even wears her waist trainer over her clothes - now that’s some confidence I would love!

2. Waist Training At Work

Another challenge that she faced was getting herself used to wear the waist trainer while at work. As an early childhood interventionist, her job involves a lot of movement like running after children and bending down to speak to them. 

Her job sounds like an exercise in itself! But, again, she manages to power through with her waist trainer at work. In fact, wearing a waist trainer can even help you maintain a good posture while at work! Waist trainers don’t squeeze your midsection like corsets do which may impede movement. 

No more random backaches throughout the day!

3. Sticking To Her 2020 Goal

Nicole’s ultimate goal this 2020 is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly at least three to four times a week with her waist trainer on. 

“My 2020 goals have been going great so far! I’ve been gymming and exercising at least four times a week.” 

Even though she admits that it can be challenging to balance between work and frequent exercising, her positive mindset and perseverance push her to achieve her body goals.

We’re proud of you, Nicole! And we hope that this post inspires you, dear reader, to persevere in your health and fitness goals. 

Waist trainers can definitely help to make it easier and faster to achieve your goals! Make the most out of your waist trainer as Nicole did by being consistent with wearing it. We believe in you!


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