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Nissa’s Revenge Body: How She Lost 7kg In 2 Months

Nissa’s Revenge Body: How She Lost 7kg In 2 Months


It’s every woman’s dream to have the perfect wedding. For Nissa, this fantasy was on the verge of becoming a reality. 

But this dream abruptly turned into a nightmare. An unexpected turn of events shattered her dream, sending her on a downward spiral.


A Broken Heart

In 2018, Nissa’s engagement was called off. 

Heartbroken and devastated, she closed herself off to the world. 

“I was an extremely negative person and I felt like the whole world was against me,” she recounts. 

To cheer herself up, she turned to the one thing that brought her happiness and comfort: ice cream. Not long after, she found a new love in her life and his name was Ben & Jerry’s. 


Losing All Her Self-Confidence

The deeper this relationship grew, the greater the toll on the weighing scale. Typically weighing between 55kg to 58kg, she ballooned to a hefty 65kg in a year. This was the heaviest she’s ever been.

“I felt huge and I lost all my self confidence,” she said as she looked back on her heavier days. 

The critical point came in 2019 when she was climbing the stairs with her mother back to her house on the third floor. The 34-year-old was shocked to find herself panting just as hard beside her mother. 

Realising that she needed to be strong and healthy to support her mother and her own three children, Nissa decided that it was time to clean house. 


Out With The Old, In With The New

The first thing out was her unhealthy diet, specifically carbs and sugar (bye Ben & Jerry’s!). She proclaims excitedly that she’s cut down “a hell lot” and includes more proteins and greens into her diet. She also cooks it all on her own! 

Nissa's delicious cooking

We love the colours!


The next thing to go was her inactive lifestyle. Whether it’s jogging, weight training, or HIIT, she now exercises almost daily from Monday to Saturday for one to three hours. 

The last activity isn’t something she removed from her life, but something she committed more time to: waist training! At first, she used to only waist train on the weekends for about six hours, but was disappointed by the lack of results. 

It was only when she waist trained daily for three to four hours that she experienced a good burn at her midsection. 


New Body, New Mindset, New Love

So what was the result of all these?

In a span of two months, she went down from 65kg to 58kg. That’s 7kg burnt!

As impressive as her progress is, it isn’t the main highlight of this post. 

Rather, it is her determination to transform into a happier and stronger woman who advocates self-care instead of being a victim of circumstance.

“I am a positive person now! I love myself even more now and I appreciate constructive criticism better than before. I feel like people are there not to pin you down but to lift you up,” she says.

Finally, Nissa also gained one last thing — a new love in her life. Yes, her dream wedding came true and she's living her happily ever after! By the time you read this, you would have missed her wedding that happened just one day before this post. 

Congratulations on your wedding, Mrs Nissa 👰 And sorry to you, Ben & Jerry’s.

Don’t Just Talk The Talk

To the women struggling with body weight issues and finding it hard to take that first step, this is Nissa's advice to you: 

“Be disciplined and be consistent. Never waiver from your goals. Wake up to small notes by the bed and reminders from your phone of your goals. Keep affirming how mentally strong you are to continue with the changes you have committed yourself to. Do not indulge in conversations with others on how you are planning to lose weight. Just work on yourself. That’s it.”


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