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How Geraldine Burnt Her Postpartum Weight Off

How Geraldine Burnt Her Postpartum Weight Off

International Women’s Day was on 8th March. No, we’re not late to celebrate fact, we feel that celebrating the countless achievements of women in just one day is not enough!

We’re very excited to kickoff our MONTH-LONG celebration of International Women’s Day with WEEKLY features of our very own #WomenOfWaistlab 🎉 

Say Hello To Geraldine

This week we’re featuring Geraldine. She’s a mother of two young children and she’s in her early forties. Also, she works full-time as a gym instructor for children. How cool is that 😎 

Geraldine isn’t new to waist training. You could even say that she’s a waist trainer connoisseur —  before stumbling upon Waistlab, she’s tried many other waist trainers from other brands. 

So how different was her experience between those other brands as compared to ours? 

Before we answer that, let’s see why she was even looking for waist trainers in the first place. 

Getting Rid of Postpartum Weight

After giving birth to her firstborn, Geraldine looked for ways to burn off her postpartum weight. Clearly, just breastfeeding wasn’t going to help to lose it (apparently it worked for her friends!). She felt compelled to make a positive change to health and fitness.

Like many other women, she tested different waist trainers from other brands. However, the results were dismal 👎 

Instead of losing the postpartum weight, she found herself stuck with a problematic waist trainer. It cut her at her hip because the steel bone lining slipped out from the bottom of her waist trainer. Ouch! What a painful mess 😫 

Eventually, she bid goodbye to that waist trainer and moved on to wearing girdles instead. While it was helpful at tucking her fats in, the banding caused her skin to be red and itchy. We don’t want to deal with that!  

Finally, by a stroke of luck, she chanced upon Waistlab.

A Better Waist Training Journey

Geraldine found out about us on Instagram.  Right away, she bought her very first waist trainer from us during our Garage Sale back in 2019. 

Her waist training journey has been way more fulfilling and she feels like she’s on her way to achieving the postpartum body that she wants!

Seeing the many reviews from other #WOWs gave her assurance that she would have a better waist training journey with Waistlab. She also really appreciates the quick replies she gets from the Waistlab team whenever she has questions about our waist trainers. 

Thanks to waist training, she feels that she’s much better now at controlling her food portions too. She currently practices intermittent fasting and uses an app to track her calorie and water intake. Now that’s what we call hard work! 

There’s no way I could fit more food into my stomach despite my desire to have more!

Never Say Die

What’s incredibly admirable about Geraldine is her ‘never say die’ attitude in pursuing her goal of burning off her postpartum weight — this is exactly why she’s the first #WOW to kick off our celebration of International Women’s Day! 

Despite her initial struggles with finding the best waist trainer, she didn’t give up her search. It literally cut her and left her bloody but she relentlessly soldiered on, not once giving up on herself. 

Furthermore, she waist trains consistently. At present, she has downsized from a size XXL waist trainer to a size XL. In a span of two months, she’s moved from using the first and outermost row of hooks to the last and innermost row of hooks.

You’re amazing, Geraldine! ✨

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