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The Best Waist Trainer For Exercising

The Best Waist Trainer For Exercising


⭕ Both the Active Classic (9”) and Classic Black (11.5”) can be worn while exercising 

⭕ It is important to know your torso length

⭕ For running: if you have a longer torso, get the Classic Black (11.5”). If you have a shorter torso, get the Active Classic (9”)

⭕ For squatting: get the Active Classic (9”)


Some of you may not know this but you can actually wear your waist trainer while you exercise! Many of our #WomenOfWaistlab have shared their stories with us about how our waist trainers help with their workout. 

One of the major benefits is that it amplifies the fat burning process around your midsection by inducing thermogenesis. You’ll see for yourself that your midsection produces more sweat. As you waist train consistently, your stomach will get slimmer and you’ll melt inches off your waistline! 

But here’s the problem  many women don’t know which waist trainer is best for exercising. They end up buying a waist trainer that creates discomfort and impedes their movement during their exercise!

We want to help you avoid that. Let’s take a look at two of our popular waist trainers that our #WomenOfWaistlab use while they exercise: the Classic Black (11.5”) and the Active Classic (9”). The Waistlab team has worn both types of waist trainers for two different types of exercises: running and squatting. 

Here’s the verdict!

Running With Classic Black (11.5") 


✅ Great for people with longer torsos

Keeps your midsection tight while you run 

If you have a tummy, this will give you maximum coverage while you run so it doesn’t splurge out 

Gives you great back support! If you prefer to run long distances, you’ll get tired and tend to slouch your back as you try to catch your breath. This will help to prevent that slouching by keeping you upright

Burns calories around your midsection so you’ll sweat more

❌ Not recommended for those with shorter torsos

❌ It will definitely reach down to your hips. This will hinder your running as you won’t be able to perform the full range of motion

❌ You will feel it constantly riding up to your bust which is uncomfortable  

So if you have a shorter torso, wear the Active Classic (9”) when you run instead. You’ll experience the same waist training benefits but minus the discomfort!

Squatting with Active Classic (9")

✅ Active Classic is the overall champion when it comes to squats, regardless of torso length 

Performing squats relies heavily on your core strength, whether you’re performing it with no weights or with a barbell. The Active Classic helps to tighten and support your core so you’re able to perform the squat without injuring yourself. This is especially useful if you’re performing a squat with a heavier weight than you’re not used to

Because of its shorter length (it ends above your hips), the Active Classic allows you to perform the full range of motion of a 90-degree squat. Go on and dip it low! 

Squatting with Classic Black (11.5")

❌ This will definitely fold into your hips as you perform the squat. Very uncomfortable!


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