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Waist Training Works: Get the Body You Want in 5 Steps

Waist Training Works: Get the Body You Want in 5 Steps

The use of waist trainers (also known as ‘waist cinchers’ or ‘fajas’) often gets criticised by the media. It’s falsely framed as promoting unrealistic body types (i.e slim waist, thick hips and butt). 

Here at Waistlab, we’ve seen and documented first-hand how waist trainers can work. So many of our #WomenOfWaistlab have transformed their bodies through waist training consistently. 

We'll show you the 5 ways how waist training works. 

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#1: Burn stubborn fat 

Do you have stubborn belly fat that you just can’t get rid of? 

While it’s impossible to spot reduce fat, waist trainers can help to amplify overall fat burn and support you in your body transformation. 

Waistlab waist trainer burn stubborn belly fatThe high compression around your tummy stimulates heat via thermogenesis. This is why you’ll find yourself sweating more than usual at your midsection especially if you exercise with a waist trainer on! 

But that’s not the only way a waist trainer can help you with burning fats.

#2: Prevent overeating 

Waist trainers are super helpful at preventing you from overeating. This helps you control your appetite and lower your calories so you don’t even get fat in the first place.

Waistlab waist trainer prevent overeating

You’ll feel fuller faster when you eat with a waist trainer on. This is great for those  who tend to binge eat or have trouble controlling your appetite. 

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#3: Support good posture 

Beyond fats and calories, waist trainers work to support a good posture. If you have a habit of slouching, wearing a waist trainer will always remind you to sit upright. Deskbound workers, rejoice! 

Waistlab waist trainer support good posture

A small disclaimer though: waist trainers are not orthopaedic products, especially if you suffer from serious, long-term back injuries like scoliosis. It’s best to consult your doctor if you still intend to use a waist trainer.

#4: Engage your core

Did you know that a weak core is responsible for many exercise-related injuries? This is especially if you’re doing strength training at the gym and lifting progressively heavier weights.

That's why a lot of bodybuilders use lifting belts. Surprise—waist trainers are a great alternative to lifting belts! 

Exercise in Waistlab waist trainer

Have an injury-free workout by wearing a waist trainer if you’re doing strength training. 

#5: Instant confidence, long term motivation

Wearing a waist trainer has positive effects on your self-esteem too. You’ll feel instantly confident in your outfit when you see your bulges replaced with a slim, curvy figure! 

Women Of Waistlab

This can spark the motivation in you to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle in the long run. Everyone has different motivations so we shouldn’t judge those who are inspired to be healthier through waist training.

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The 5 Ways How Waist Trainers Work

So let’s recap the 5 reasons why waist training works: 

  • It burns stubborn fats. 
  • It prevents overeating.
  • It supports a good posture.
  • It helps engage your core. 
  • It gives you instant confidence which grows into long term motivation.

The Waistlab Team is an expert at waist trainers with over 3 years experience helping women find the waist trainer that best suits their lifestyles. 

If you still have a question about waist trainers, you can send us a DM (Direct Message) on Instagram ( or email us at 

We’d love to hear from you! 

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